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Americans for Patient Access


We Believe We Can Do Better.

We live in a nation with the world’s best healthcare providers, with talent and resources second to none in tackling medical challenges. Unfortunately access to that healthcare is all too often limited. Patient’s access to quality, affordable healthcare is a matter of vital importance to all Americans. It’s why the APA exists. Because we believe we can do better.

The lack of adequate health insurance affects millions of patients in the United States year after year. And unfortunately, new threats emerge every day that obstruct patients’ ability to get the care they need. Corporate and insurance interests regularly take actions that limit or frustrate patients’ access to healthcare by supporting legislation that increases costs or reduces payments to healthcare providers who provide service to uninsured or under-insured patients in need.

APA is the only national trade association for the personal injury space. We fight these corporate and insurance efforts to limit access to care. We fight for personal injury patients’ right to quality and affordable medical care regardless of their ability to pay or their insurance status. We fight for medical providers’ right to treat personal injury patients on a medical lien basis and receive fair and reasonable payments. We fight for PI!

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Mark Your Calendar

Texas Capitol Building

APA Legislative Connection - Austin

Join APA members and prospective members for this free event on how the legislative and political landscape in Texas impacts medical providers and PI patients.

NC Capitol Building

APA Legislative Connection - Charlotte

As part of APA's Annual Meeting, join us to discuss the legislative and political landscape in North Carolina and how it will impact North Carolinian medical providers and PI patients.

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